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We Co-Produce Solutions to Your Business, School & Event Communication Issues & Find Hidden Opportunities with Audience Response Systems (ARS).

Our diverse customers include universities, public and private schools, AmCham Shanghai, private businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Anyone that has a stake in live, face-to-face human interactions can benefit from what Wolfpack Response does.

You want to get more out of live meetings, classes, and events. We ensure 100% inclusion of every willing and able participant utilizing ARS. With Wolfpack's proprietary "ARS Implementation Program Model" any organization can increase the interaction efficiency of their events by an order of magnitude, and Wolfpack Response was built to ensure that happens for its customers and stakeholders.

Wolfpack Response Ltd. is an official Partner of AmCham Shanghai!

Come see "clickers" in action at AmCham Shanghai! ARS technology will be used during Member Trainings and Spotlight Sessions, as well as other events and conference at the Chamber- sign up for one now to experience ARS!

At Your Service

Wolfpack Response Ltd. rents, sells, leases, provides subscriptions for and delivers knowledge-intensive business implementation services related to Audience Response Systems (ARS) also known as "Classroom Response Systems" (CRS) or simply "clickers". We are based in Shanghai and Detroit.

Why doesn't Wolfpack Response offer an APP to do voting?

Four reasons. First, during face-to-face interactions, we want to reduce, not increase the amount of time participants spend disengaged and distracted on the phone. Second, Wifi and people's personal devices are highly unreliable. Third, ARS clickers can facilitate totally anonymous feedback, driving up honesty. Finally, ARS clickers are fun! People love to use the clickers - and so will your team!

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